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conductorBExecutive coaching & leadership development

Skylight Partner helps young professional:

  • to comprehend his/her values, to be clear with her/his goals and the assets she/he possesses
  • to grow, acquire new skills, develop new behaviors and meet new responsibilities

rodin_sculpture main sur teteOne-to-one coaching is the most personalized and effective way for professional development. It enables people to understand and overcome fears and beliefs that limit them, and instead capitalize on their strengths. As well as, developing new solutions to ultimately adopt new behaviors and an improved mindset.

Areas of executive coaching:

  • Developing leadership capabilities: creating a shared vision, strategic thinking, developing people, communicating effectively, leading change, building trusted relationships
  • Developing performance: Emotional intelligence / Self management (time, well-being, energy levels, meeting deadlines and priorities, productivity) / Managing others’ performance / Communication skills / Thinking skills, problem solving / Delegation skills / Coaching skills / Building teams that perform / Self-confidence
  • Transitioning to a new role: Acknowledge the learning curve, Make sense of a new role, Develop new skills appropriate for a bigger role, Establish realistic objectives, Get up to speed and start delivering quickly, Ensure that you understand all key stakeholder expectations, Adjust to cultural differences, Minimize transition anxiety, Develop constructive relationships early, Develop relationships and alliances, Build a mutually supportive team, Create early wins

Who I coach: first and mid-level managers, team leaders, high potentials.

My coaching approach tools:

Identification of goals
Coaching face-to- face (Singapore) and/or phone / skype
Total duration: 6 to 12 sessions
Making available practical tools
” Learning by doing ”


  • Ce que j’ai trouvé le plus marquant et agréable dans la façon de travailler de Beatrice, c’est son subtil mélange entre écoute, compréhension, humanité, empathie, et ancrage dans le réel de l’entreprise avec sa mission, ses objectifs et ses contraintes.
  • De la même façon, j’ai toujours apprécié la façon de Beatrice de travailler par objectifs, et d’y revenir toujours, même après des séquences plus “affect”.
  • Notre travail sur la maîtrise des émotions m’a été d’une très grande utilité aussi et j’y repense souvent.
  • J’utilise toujours ses conseils et méthodes pour l’organisation du temps, la gestion des priorités, et l’accompagnement de mes collaborateurs (notamment le fameux one-to-one). J’ai donc vraiment le sentiment que Beatrice m’a aidé à me sentir et à agir comme un manager.
  • Et aussi le travail de bilan personnel, pour prendre conscience des avancements, des étapes franchies, m’a aussi fait beaucoup de bien pour reprendre confiance’ Jerome, Paris
  • Beatrice and I have worked together for more than half a year and today, I still use most of the tools she introduced to me and still make sure I continue to follow the principles we have defined together.
  • When we started our collaboration, I was just starting a new role in my organization and was struggling with time management, prioritization and leadership skills. Beatrice had the ability to promptly understand me and identify the situation. She challenged me to define ambitious objectives, however we only started changing things once I was fully ready to change them. This was key to our relationship and my ability to progress.
  • I am glad I had the opportunity to work with Beatrice as I feel her coaching was a great learning experience for me – and for her too, as I am sure she would say!! » Pierre-Emmanuel

Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader…they set out to make a difference . It s never about the role- always about the goal.

shape faceMy programs are designed to develop the leadership capabilities of your First& Middle managers/Hi-po critical to the success of your organization.

  • They are based on careful assessment of what each client needs. None of Skylight Partner’ work is “off the shelf”, each design is created in collaboration with key individuals from the business concerned.
  • All workshops are highly interactive. Skylight Partner uses a blend of models and skills-based tools which are fundamental to good management practice.

An example of a possible leadership development program to help leaders around 3 key dimensions:

  • Identity
  • Performance
  • Empowerment


Advantages of this kind of programs:

Developing individuals’ full potential
Improving autonomy, ownership, empowerment and performance.
Increasing resistance to stress, pressure and changes.
Constructive self assessment.

Increasing team work effectiveness
Improving day-to-day posture and communication with team.
Promoting coaching approach within interpersonal relationships.
Fostering commitment, motivation, sense of accomplishment.

Creating greater organizational value
Improving engagement and retention.
Fostering self-propagation of best management practices within the organization.
Enhancing network and collaborative work capacities in the organization.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch

L'AuroreSkylight Partner’ PDP solution can either be part of a career management program to allow a career coaching conversation to take place between managers and their team members.

Skylight Partner’ PDP solution can also be a stand-alone offer to help employees assess their current resources, values, motivations, interests, identify their goals and plan the steps to move forward the goals.

Through our personal development plan solution, we intend to create the conditions for the employees to take ownership of their professional development, reflect on where they are at the moment, where they want to go and how they will get there.

In that context, our PDP package includes 5 hours of one-to-one coaching as well as self-assessment tools in order to:

    • Assess the current situation
    • Set goals
    • Identify and plan actions / identify challenges and resources to succeed

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it”. Buddha

team cohesionBTraining & workshops for team/employees

Skylight Partner helps you:

  • Strenghten the cohesion and effectiveness of your teams with Emergenetics workshop
  • Develop employee’s soft skills through training and workshopoft

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Travail equipeLes principaux objectifs des workhops pour les équipes:

  • Decouvrir comment votre facon de penser et vos comportements affectent la communication, la créativité, la productivité et la capacité à travailler ensemble.
  • Élaborer une stratégie efficace au sein de votre équipe pour améliorer la communication et les relations.

Les benefices pour les participants

  • Mise en valeur de leurs points forts et des axes de progression
  • Se comprendre et comprendre les autres
  • Comprendre les moteurs de motivation de chacun et traduire cette information dans l’ environnement de travail.
  • Comprendre comment les comportements affectent la relation a l’autre, cette connaissance favorise alors confiance et acceptation de l’autre dans le cadre du travail en equipe.
  • Comprendre les conflits générés par des comportements et modes de pensée differents , decouvrir les modes de communication apprecies de l’autre pour aller au dela des conflits
  • Amélioration de l’efficacité personnelle et des interactions au sein de l’équipe.

Les bénéfices pour les équipes:

  • Les équipes qui ont participé à cette formation, ayant pris conscience de leurs modes de pensee et de comportements, ont été en mesure de réaliser et de respecter les différences de chacun de leurs membres .
  • La réduction des niveaux de tension, stress et de frustration basées sur une compréhension mutuelle plus profonde.
  • Les membres de l’équipe decouvrent qu’en fonction du profile de chacun, la confiance peut signifier différentes choses pour chacun.
  • L’organisation en silos peut générer des difficultés dans la dynamique d’une equipe qui seront surmontees grace aux ponts que le workshop Emergenetics permettra d’instaurer entre les différentes personnes, quelque soit leur fonction.
  • La référence commune aux couleurs permet de favoriser une certaine connivence entre les membres d’une équipe: “rappele moi quelle est ta couleur dominante ?“ ou simplement en devinant , “ laisses moi deviner …tu es plutot bleu , n’est ce pas” ?

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Travail equipeKey objectives of the workshops for teams:

  • Learn how thinking and behavioral attributes affect the communication, creativity, productivity and ability to work together.
  • Develop an effective strategy within your team to improve communication and relationships.

Benefits for the participants

  • Value their strengths and how to improve
  • Understand self and others
  • Understand personal motivational drivers for learning and apply this information to a work environment.
  • Understand how behavior affects others and translate this knowledge into more confidence and self-acceptance when working with others.
  • Understand conflict and communication in action
  • Enhance personal productivity and improve communication with team and direct-report interaction strategies.

Benefits for the teams:

  • Teams that have participated in this training have been able to realize and respect the differences of each of its members with greater awareness of their thinking and behavioral preferences.
  • The reduction of tension, stress and frustration levels based on deeper understanding.
  • Increased trust between team members—utilizing Emergenetics can create a platform of trust by highlighting that trust means different things to everyone, based on their profiles.
  • A breakdown of functional silos—Emergenetics creates a bridge to find the right team dynamics no matter what department or specialties each member may have.
  • As a way to break the ice in certain situations. Just by asking “What’s your dominant color?”, or by just guessing “You’re ‘blue’ aren’t you?” creates an effective way to start meaningful dialogue on a team.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford

la main 2 We also offer stand-alone, highly participative and interactive workshops. Depending on the needs, we can deliver bite-sized, half-day or full-day training on the following topics.

  • Effective communication
  • Time management
  • Delegation
  • Effective meetings
  • Coaching skills
  • Developing people: performance review, one to one, feedback

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure” Colin Powel