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Who am I – Béatrice VIASNOFF

BeatriceI decided to become a personal development coach in 2010 while I myself, was working with a coach. During this journey with my coach, I discovered the power of the coaching approach and this allowed me to “give birth” to this project which had been lingering in me for several years. This professional repositioning was successfully completed by me. Prior to working as a coach, I had a notable experience as a legal adviser in the business world for almost a decade. I enjoyed solving legal problems, working within and managing a team. But during this time, I realized that I was not as fulfilled as when I was helping my colleagues and employees to find meaning and inspiration in their own work. From then onwards, I decided to develop my career in this direction. I also realized that young adults are often clueless, mislead and often helpless in this key period of their lives. I therefore accompany these young adults (15 to 30 years old) from their last years of high school to their early steps as young professional and managers. As a strong believer in the success of everyone, I have developed a specific approach based on my targeted coaching training and my experience in corporate life. It includes modules for young people that span from the discovery of one’s own aspirations and thinking modes, that include the identification and the implementation of a realistic and timed professional trajectory, all the way to the development of appropriate and efficient management practices for young professionals.

My tools and training

  • Coach ICF trained and certified with the Neuroleadership Group (www.neuroleadership.group.au)
  • NLP Master Practitioner certified
  • Associate Emergenetics International
  • Interactional and strategic approach from Palo Alto with Institut Gregory Bateson
  • Mindfulness, Emotional intelligence, Tree of Life, Visualization, World Cafe…
  • Master’s Degree in Business Law (DESS), Paris V

Qui suis-je? Béatrice VIASNOFF

BeatriceJ’ai choisi de devenir coach en développement personnel en 2010 à l’issue d’une réflexion approfondie que j’ai faite, accompagnée justement par une coach. J’y ai découvert la puissance de cette posture qui a permis de me faire “accoucher” de ce projet professionnel qui germait en moi depuis de nombreuses années. Ce repositionnement professionnel, je l’ai mené après avoir exercé le métier de juriste financier dans le monde de l’entreprise pendant une dizaine d’années. J’ai aimé résoudre des problématiques juridiques, travailler au sein d’un collectif, encadrer des équipes et puis j’ai réalisé que je n’étais jamais autant utile que lorsque j’aidais mes collègues et collaborateurs à trouver du sens à ce qu’ils accomplissaient. De là, j’ai décidé de faire évoluer ma trajectoire professionnelle dans cette direction et, ayant réalisée combien de jeunes adultes se retrouvent perplexes, désorientes et parfois démunis dans cette période charnière de leur vie, j’ai décidé de me spécialiser dans l’accompagnement des jeunes (15-30 ans). Ma formation ciblée de coach et mon expérience de la vie en entreprise m’ont permis de mettre au point une approche modulaire allant, pour un jeune, de la découverte de ses aspirations et de ses modes de pensée, à l’identification et à la mise en place de choix d’orientation professionnelle réalistes et jalonnés, jusqu’à la mise en place de pratiques managériales adaptées et performantes afin de favoriser l’épanouissement de leur potentiel.

Mes outils et formations

  • Coach certifiée du Neuroleadership Group (www.neuroleadership.group.au)
  • Master Praticienne en PNL
  • Certifiée à l’outil Emergenetics
  • Formée a l’Approche Systemique de Palo Alto a l’Institut Gregory Bateson
  • Pleine conscience, Intelligence émotionnelle, arbre de vie, visualization, World Cafe…
  • Master de Droit des Affaires (Paris V)

skylightLiterally, a skylight is an opening in a roof or ceiling, fitted with glass, for admitting daylight.

A study concluded that students have signficantly higher test scores in classrooms that optimize daylighting, than classrooms that do not. Other studies show that daylight positively affects physiological and psycological well-being, which can increase productivity in many contexts.

I have choosen this name to illustrate my strong belief in the potentiality of everyone. The multifaceted of a skylight makes me think about a diamond, the diamond that we are all made of, full of potential brillance, brightness but also colors. Once the diamond receives appropriate attention such as shaping, triming ,polishing and lightning, the diamond can reveal his full clarity and sparkling. Skylight Partner, your choosen partner, to help enlightening your dormant perspectives, reflecting your hibernating abilities, awakening your sleeping dreams, revealing your latent talents.

MISSION: Our purpose is to light up potential, unleash talent, foster fulfillment, learning and growth of our clients while stimulating their engagement to face up change and making the right decisions.

VISION: Built on our ability to create trust-based relationships with our clients, our vision is to become the preferred partner for them to:

  • Facilitate the exploration of natural talents, strengths, needs, motivations, skills and thought process,
  • Build-up their self-confidence
  • Provide them actionable feedback and

Unleash their creativity and talent.

Authenticity:  Always focused on building quality relationships by being transparent, spontaneous, empathetic and respectful of our clients

Engagement: Fully dedicated and passionate in designing workable solutions to help our clients achieve their goals successfully

Growth: Constantly accompanying our clients on their learning and developing path of “good to great”, striving to offer opportunities to develop their full potential in a sustainable way

Imagination: Continually shaking things up and promoting creative and inspiring approaches to engage change within individuals and teams

We BELIEVE that creating a reliable space for development will allow you to gain confidence in your talent and capacity to make things happen rather than wait for things to happen.

We TRUST that students and adults can progress surpass and reveal their full potential. Placing your attention on awareness of your natural talents and strengths, you can leverage to get the best out of your studies and job choices to fully embody your inner purpose.

We SUPPORT you in identifying what you really want out of life, in establishing clear objectives, in developing personal strategy to strive towards them, in fueling your self-confidence, in fulfilling your expectations and beyond.

We TRUST that strong intrapersonal skills, awareness of who you are, and clear views of your values are essential to assert your leadership.

We SUPPORT managers in building-up their team, in pushing it to the next level of performance, in developing fluid workflow and in capitalizing on human potential.

Our approach to meeting your needs is:

  • Tailor-made
  • Integrated
  • Sustainable (human-centered)
  • Systemic (interactional and strategic approach to individual and teams)

Building to last